1 Pc B-6000 Glue 3ml Multi Purpose B6000 Adhesive

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Type: Liquid Glue
Model Number: 9ML
Product type:  Adhesive
Model: 9ML
Type of adhesive material: Leather, glass, rubber, plastic, ceramics, wood, stone, metal, paper,
State: Paste full transparent gift glue, 5 minutes to start curing, 24 hours

Condition  Brand New + High Quality!
Material  rubber
Weight  About: 10/g
Color  Transparent
Size  9ML
Packing List:  1 x

1. Before use, please read  the description carefully  

2. In a large area, test a small area first 


3. Make sure that the surface is dry and clean before putting adhesive on.


4. The optimum operating temperature must be between 65 and 89.9 degrees Fahrenheit.  


5.  The product can be used directly on the upper surface uniformly coated 


6. Align pressure 2 to 6 minutes of waiting.


7.  48 hours is best for curing.




1, can irritate the skin and eyes


2. Use in a well-ventilated indoor use or use outside.


3. If it comes into contact with the eyes, flush with plenty of water


4. Adult supervision when being used by children

5. Please keep away from sources of ignition.


5-year shelf life span

 Can be used to adhered to the metal, leather, plastic, glass, resin, and ceramic. 


Packaging: B-6000 / 9ML  /1X.